Published: Nov 26, 2013 11:48 PM EST

The Fort Myers Police Department is asking the community for help in preventing burglaries in the City.  Recently, police have noticed a trend in vehicle burglaries in the City's west district.

 The crimes are occurring during the overnight hours.

In most cases, the vehicles have been unlocked and the thieves simply helped themselves to items such as purses, wallets, cell phones, computers and GPS systems that were left in plain sight.

In a few cases, the thieves have smashed windows to obtain the items.

Fort Myers Police say since the beginning of November, there have been 15 car break-ins in neighborhoods off McGregor Blvd.

26 year old Kirby Henry and 23-year old Kenneth Brown are both locked up after police say they stole Vivian Desjarlais' truck right out of her driveway.

"They were very fast, it was like, there was no hesitation whatsoever," she said.

Desjarlais Lives off McGregor Boulevard and Fort Myers Police say this month alone there have been 15 reported car burglaries in Neighborhoods off the busy road.

Most of the cars have been unlocked, but in other cases the thieves force their way in.

"Over one weekend we had 7-8 vehicle burglaries come in," said Detective Shawn Yates.

"Keep all the valuables out of plain site. if you have the availability take it in the home, if not put it in the trunk," said Yates.