Published: Nov 26, 2013 10:34 PM EST

NORTH NAPLES, Fla - A North Naples man is behind bars after breaking into several cars and leaving behind evidence.

Collier County Sheriff's Deputies say 22 year old Ryan Keegan left his wallet in the yard and his cell phone in the truck of a car he tried to break into.

Monday, Mark Ludwig got up for work and walked to his car like he always does, but this time something was different. "I see someone has rummaged through the whole van and the power cord is missing to my Sirus satellite and the keys to my girlfriends car. My Sirus satellite radio cord was hanging out of my girlfriends car."

Poilce were already in the neighborhood because other vehicles had also been broken into. Mark called hem over to show him the evidence. "They took fingerprints and opened up the trunk. The only think tha twas in there was my girlfriend's keys that he took from my truck and his cell phone."

Deputies say Keegan also managed to leave his wallet behind. And that's not it. Surveillance video at a neighbors house allegedly catches Keegan at the scene of the crime.

"I really don't know why you would leave your wallet behind when breaking the law, but I guess it makes it a lot easier for the cops," says Kevin Cronin.

All in all, Deputies say Keegan ended up taking an iPhone 3, a cheap pair of sunglasses, and a $10 head lamp. "That's got to be Collier County's stupidest criminal of the week at least," says Ludwig.

Keegan lives just a street down from where the break-ins happened. He allegedly told deputies that he drank a pint of vodka earlier in the night.

Keegan is chaged with tresspassing, criminal mischief, petit theft and burglary.