Published: Nov 22, 2013 4:33 PM EST
Updated: Nov 22, 2013 7:17 PM EST

MARCO ISLAND, Fla - We're one week away from Black Friday. That of course is followed by Cyber Monday. Many stores and websites are already advertising their hottest deals, but did you know hotels are jumping on the bandwagon offering major savings for your next vacation?

And some of the best deals are right here in Southwest Florida. From Vail to Napa to Marco Island, hotels across the country are giving the big box office stores some Black Friday competition.

"Whenever a new trend becomes hot like this, everyone jumps on board," says Robert Pfeffer, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Marco Island Marriott. They have been offering Cyber Monday discounts for a few years and are seeing great results.

He says their target audience is younger visitors who tend to be spontaneous travelers and the hope is the discount will be enough incentive to head to the beach.

"Those are individuals who are willing to travel on short notice and take advantage of super deals so this is a really great value. It has to be a robust offer to make it worthwhile," says Pfeffer.

This Cyber Monday, the Marco Island Marriott is offering 30 percent off rooms in December and January. Rooms that typically cost between $400-$600 a night.

"That's a great deal, can't beat that," says Rick Popoff. "I think people are going to be interested in looking for something to do right before the holidays, unwind a little bit."

Dave Blouin is visiting from Chicago. This is the first he's heard of the Cyber Monday deal, but says he's not opposed to the savings. "A lot of people like to travel in December and January so it could work out well and It's cold in Chicago, so I could use some warm weather."

Hotels are hoping the guests will take advantage of the savings, experience paradise and return often.

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