Published: Nov 18, 2013 10:35 PM EST
Updated: Nov 18, 2013 11:17 PM EST

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL.--A new warning to protect your money as a southwest Florida woman thinks she's uncovered a questionable company that wanted her to refinance her house to collect on a big prize.

That's not all, they told her to get new credit cards to come up with the fees to claim what she had won.

"We received a call that we are the prize winner of the megabucks mega millions>," said Joann.

According to that call--Joann was the random winner of $2.5 million.
But she quickly found that getting the cash would end up costing her, because she says Megabucks wanted her to pay 5%.

"Which would be $125,000," said Joann.

Joann says Megabucks even encouraged her to apply for credit cards to pay for it.

"Or even pressuring me, why don't you take out a reverse mortgage, refinance your home," she said.

Joann sent Megabucks $400 to start the claims process.

Joann also gave them her name, address, date of birth and even her social security number.
She got suspicious because the company misspelled "social security" on the paperwork.
Joann started asking questions and says a rep from Megabucks, claiming to be a manager, sent her rude e-mails from a G-mail account.     

"You don't listen or follow directions. You just set out to do your own damn thing, making me upset," read one of the e-mails.

Joann is not convinced this company is legitimate.

"I'm ticked off that there are people out there--it is a crazy world we live in," she said.

Joann says she has asked for a refund of her $400 weeks ago and has still not received that.

She filed a report with the Charlotte County Sheriff's office, who then transferred the case to Baltimore Police.