Published: Nov 15, 2013 10:19 PM EST
Updated: Nov 15, 2013 10:46 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla -- In one swift kick thieves can get into your home and raid your most intimate spaces. Local locksmiths tell WINK News a lot of houses in Southwest Florida are too vulnerable.

But WINK News found simple inexpensive changes can better protect your family.

Mark Gabel owns Safe & Sound in Naples. He gets paid it to break into people's homes and he says anytime a client is locked out he often goes right to their sliding glass door.

Demonstrating how easy it is, Gabel says, "as you can see, the door is locked here. But, if you just go like this it opens."

In just five seconds he is inside the home and it's just as easy for crooks. One Naples resident knows firsthand. He doesn't want to be identified but says thieves broke into his house last week by lifting the sliding glass door off its tracks.

"I was surprised. When I heard about it I figured the only way they're going to get in those doors is to break the glass."

Gabel says, "We do get a lot of people that have the sliding glass doors broken into because usually the locks aren't ever installed properly."

The WINK News wants to know how you can protect your privacy.

Holding up a double bolt lock Gabel says, "this is the only lock we sell for sliding glass doors."

It cost $80. It works Bibles and your slider to the actual door frame. That means crooks can't lift it off the tracks.

"You would literally have to break the glass on the door to get it open," says Gabel.

Gabel says lock picking is a very big problem in Southwest Florida because of lots of not being installed properly. His advice is to go to a locksmith and get one installed that can't be picked.

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