Published: Nov 15, 2013 6:10 PM EST
Updated: Nov 15, 2013 6:11 PM EST

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- Keeping you safe on the beach! Fort Myers Beach is looking into a system that will warn you when lightening is in the area.
Our WINK News meteorologist did some digging and a little math, and found out lightning strikes Fort Myers Beach about 250 times a year.
Now, future plans will allow people to have a better chance of knowing when to seek shelter.

"A lightning detection system would be great, we know what's going to happen before it happens and that's what we want to know," said island visitor Al Kruse.

In just a matter of minutes the weather in Florida can change dramatically, but knowing exactly what the storm is going to do is unpredictable.

"When you're on the beach, you are the exposed lightning rod, so to speak, because there is no other cover on the beach," said the President of FMB Safety Committee, Bruce Butcher.

The Fort Myers Beach safety committee is now looking at a system called "Thor Guard."
 It's a lightning prediction system that would alert islanders, by monitoring the earth's electrostatic activity.

"Most of them are only able to detect the static electricity up to 10 miles, so they are able to tell if that storm is 10 miles or less from that particular location," said Meteorologist Katie Walls.

In order for the entire seven miles of the island to be covered, three stations would need to be installed, those would be connected to 12 horns.

"This is a wonderful thing for Fort Myers Beach to be considering, I hope more beaches take this into consideration because if we can save one life, that one life saved from lightning" said Walls.

The safety committee has agreed to move forward with the study.
Next month, we will learn more details about the system.
This company "Thor Guard" just installed the system on Marco Island at the cost of about $27,000
The ball park figure for the FMB system- $100,0000.