Published: Nov 13, 2013 12:20 AM EST
Updated: Nov 13, 2013 4:21 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL.--A Charlotte County student at the center of a pepper spray and taser incident is speaking out.

That 16-year-old tells WINK News 18-year old Yonatan Amaya who's now behind bars in the Charlotte County Jail was giving him a hard time.

That sparked a fight  which led a student being tased by a deputy and students tell us the two teens didn't know each other.

"I bring respect to everybody else. I love to do that," said 16-year old Victor Balseca.

Balseca is a sophomore at Port Charlotte High School and Tuesday morning he says he had no other choice but to defend himself Amaya.

"He pushed me and I pushed back. He tried to throw a punch, I ducked and I smacked him and thats when it all  came through," said Balseca.

The School District says the teens started fighting in the auditorium after an ACT prep course.
A security officer tried to break it up, but that didn't work, so the school's assigned deputy came in  to get things under control.

"She came in, gave a verbal command and gave them 2-3 verbal commands to break it up and only one of the boys  backed off. The other one kept going at it," said Michael Riley with Charlotte County Schools.

That's  when the district says the deputy pepper sprayed one of the students and when that still didn't work, she tased him.

"From the video he seemed like he was not going to stop," said student Bryce Cremeens.

Cremeens saw video of the fight and says he saw police carrying out Amaya after he was tased.

"His nose was pretty messed up," he said.

"I have done this job in the community for 13 years and I have never heard of that happening before," said Riley.

As for Balseca, he says,  he didn't start the fight and instead he was being bullied by Amaya.

"When someone is trying to intimidate you, you are going to have to stick up for  yourself," said Balseca.

We stopped by Amaya's house, but his parents were not home.

Right now Amaya is still in jail and both student could face misdemeanor charges as well as possible discipline from the school district.