Published: Nov 12, 2013 10:47 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. --- 

"You taking a risk with everything you have because it's not cool to wear a helmet. That's exactly what I did. Look at me now."

October 21st will always be a mystery to Connor Fields.
It's the day police say he crashed his bike into a truck on Southwest 20th Avenue, near Veterans Memorial Parkway.
The only thing Connor remembers is waking up, far away from his Cape Coral home.

"Supposed to be in school right now, not supposed to be in a hospital, didn't seem real."

Connor fractured his tibia, and his skull.
Now he has to use crutches, and wear an eye patch to keep his vision straight.

"Can't even run around, go outside like i normally do because what if i got another concussion like I did. Possibly die."

Connor wasn't wearing a helmet, so he's sharing his story, in hopes that other kids will learn from his mistake.

"Not very fun walking around with crutches and an eye patch, having people stare at you."

Connor missed his favorite holiday this year, Halloween. An annual tradition, his family runs a haunted house to collect donations for Harry Chapin Food Bank. 

They saw their biggest turnout yet this year, so Connor has one last message for the community.

"They helped a lot. I think I should be supporting them now."

Connor says doctors say his cast could come off by next week.
He also says he hasn't spoken to the driver involved in the accident, but the man's family has come to visit.