Published: Nov 11, 2013 5:17 PM EST
Updated: Nov 11, 2013 5:59 PM EST

WASHINGTON, D.C. - All veterans share a special kind of camaraderie. For two on Collier County's first Honor Flight, they share an even deeper bond. Both Roy Eidem and Tim Timrud fought in World War II, Vietnam, and Korea.

"You can't describe it, it's indescribable but it's just a joy to know that we're both still here," said Timrud.

90 year old Eidem served in the Army. An engineer who built roads and bridges. 88 year old Timrud was a Marine. And on Saturday, they took in the World War II Memorial together.

"It does bring up something from the well and gets to you," said Eidem.

"The thing that's good about this is that I'm not just here by myself, everyone one of the guys, Marines who served under me or with me, and no longer here, they are today," said Timrud.

And both men told me they would serve their country again.

"Without hesitation. We all have little dobs of our things that we missed the chances that might have passed us by but it was such a great feeling and a great honor to be here and see how people are about us."