Published: Nov 07, 2013 7:03 PM EST

CORKSCREW ROAD --- The Florida Highway patrol isn't messing around. 

Concerend over speeding on Corkscrew Road, they are cracking down on drivers for the next few weeks, and it's already working.

Trooper Brian Everett said "They have CB radios, all it takes is one inspection, soon as the word is out, seems to do its job with the traffic violations."

What got their attention was a video shot by Lee County Chairman Cecil Pendergrass.

It shows what he says were dump trucks whizzing by his car, and going way faster than they should.  

"Only thing we are looking for is compliance and public safety here," said Pendergrass.

Officers were not only out there to catch drivers with a lead foot, but also random inspections, on both sand haulers and ordinary drivers.

Trucker Oscar Garcia didn't get stopped for speeding, but says he's glad officers are out here, making the roads safe for everyone.

"People jumping out in front of you. Trucks can't stop as fast as a car," said Garcia.

They will continue to increase patrol until the re-nourishment project is finished. The mayor of Naples estimates that could be before the first of the year.