Published: Nov 06, 2013 3:55 PM EST
Updated: Nov 06, 2013 8:52 PM EST

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. ---- "What right does anyone have to do this to another human being?"

Alice Dunn says she was sleeping in her chair, in the living room, when she got a dangerous wake up call!

"Next thing I knew, he grabbed my mouth from behind," said Dunn.

Deputies say David Szakalos snuck in through her open back door, and pounced.

"Kept saying get up, get in the bedroom. He had nothing in mind except for the fact that he was going to rape me."

But Dunn was not going down without a fight. 

"We fought. Went down over there. I said you got to help me up, knew I had to go get that knife."

A knife she kept on a table by her chair, for protection.

"He started mauling me, and I just started gauging." 

Dunn noticed the man wasn't wearing shoes, so she stabbed him several times in the foot. 
Using her left arm, which was still weak from a surgery she had only hours before.

"I wish I could have stabbed him deeper. Literally I wish I could have."

Stabbing her attacker not only saved Alice's life, it helped deputies catch the bad guy. They followed a trail of blood all the way to his home, only 5 blocks away.

Deputies were back at Szakalos' home, talking to neighbors.  
Dunn says he went to her home before, asking if she needed help with everyday chores.
She politely said no, but this time, she didn't play nice.

"You are not going to make me afraid. Not going to make me afraid. You better be afraid of me."

Dunn reported another burglary to deputies just two days earlier.
She says, whoever broke in, took a large amount of jewelry.
Deputies could not confirm if the two are connected.


ENGLEWOOD, Fla.- An Englewood man was arrested early this morning after an elderly woman identified him as the man who broke into her home and battered her. The victim reportedly stabbed the suspect with a kitchen knife, in self-defense.

David Franklin Szakalos, 51, was arrested on charges of Burglary with a Battery on a Person Over Age 65. While detectives were handcuffing him, Szakalos is alleged to have tried to pull away several times. During one such instance he reportedly used the back of his head to strike one of the detectives in the face. As a result, he was also charged with Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

At about midnight, deputies were called to a residence on Roberta Drive by a 70-year-old woman who said she woke up to a man standing behind her recliner holding his hand over her mouth. The victim told deputies she screamed and struggled with the man and she eventually fell from the chair onto the floor.

Because the woman had medical issues and because she had recently reported another burglary to her house, the victim had concealed a kitchen knife in the area of her recliner. When the man was holding her as she began to get up, she was able to reach the knife and stab at the man’s abdominal area. Since she was on the floor, she also stabbed at the man’s bare feet.

The woman said the man ran into her back bedroom and, when he came back into the living room, she recognized him as someone who lived in the area of her house. When the first deputies arrived, they found drops of blood in her house and in her driveway. They followed the blood drops from the driveway, down Waterford Avenue to the garage door of 6206 Berkeley Street.

Detectives contacted the residents at that address and asked Szakalos if he could come out to his driveway where the blood trail ended. When they asked him if he would raise his shirt, they saw two large bandages in the center and to the side of his abdomen. While detectives were still talking with Szakalos in the driveway of his home, deputies drove by with the victim in the car. She positively identified Szakalos as the man who had been in her home and held her down.

Detectives placed Szakalos under arrest and transported him to the Charlotte County Jail, where he is being held without bond. Detectives and Crime Scene Technicians continued to collect evidence as the investigation was continuing.

Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to please call the Sheriff’s Office at (941) 639-2101, or Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS (8477).