Published: Nov 05, 2013 12:16 AM EST

CAPE CORAL, FL.--Developers say a world-class sports facility center in Cape Coral would bring a huge boost to our local economy.

The South Florida Canoe Kayak Club  wants to build a training facility on Southwest Third Place.

"I am just fighting mad. They are shoving something down my throat," said Harry Smith.

Smith is scared his peaceful backyard lake will turn severely chaotic.

"I want to use my lake, the way it was intended to when I bought my property," said Harris.

The South Florida Canoe Kayak Club wants to open up a training facility near Smith's house.
They say it would attract olympic hope-fulls from across the world to train in Cape waterways and boost the local economy.

But many people who live along the lakes say-- find somewhere else.

"It's becoming very crowded and especially when the snowbirds come down," said Nancy Regan.

The kayaking group insists it respects the lakes and this project could change lives for local children.

Those fighting the plan have hired a lawyer and he claims the kayak group has used the facility for about a year and violates many city codes.

The lawyer also says no one person from the city ever spoke to residents to get their feelings on the project.

"I think if we can sit down and answer some of those questions for them it may calm some of those fears,” said Melida Mack with the Canoe Kayak Club.