Published: Nov 05, 2013 8:02 AM EST
Updated: Nov 05, 2013 8:14 AM EST

ENGLEWOOD, Fl. - A local drama program is taking theater to the next level.  The Lemon Bay High School Drama department is premiering a new play next week, on a bran-new Black Box Theater stage.

With a compelling script, these Lemon Bay High Scool drama students are performing the play 'Twelve Angry Jurors' on a brand new stage inside a new state of the art black box theater.

"This is as close to film work as possible because the audience is right there just like a camera would be, it's right there," says Dennis Hall, the theater teacher.

Hall says because it's a much more intimate space, holding about 120 people, it gives him the welcomed challenge of selecting plays that math the feel of the black box stage.

"I said, we have to do important plays, we have to do plays that are relavent, we have to do plays that speak about issues that are being done today," he adds.

This play, based on the film 'Twelves Angry Men,' includes 12 jurors trying to decide the fate of a boy accused of kiling his father.

"Characters come from different backgrounds and have different views about life and how this kid should be treated so it's really interesting to see how this all plays together and what the verdict is in the end," says senior actor, Wyatt Babington.

And for the full hour and a half, every one of these sctors stays on the stage.

"When you're doing your scenes you have to make sure that you're really involved in what's going on and with the characters and interactions around you because if you look slightly to the left or the right and you see the audience, it just snaps you out of it," says sophomore Mirra MacDonald.

It's a challenge these actors are ready to tackle.

'Twelve Angry Jurors' premiers inside thet Black Box Theater at Lemon Bay High School on the 14th at 7pm.  It runs through the 16th.