Published: Nov 05, 2013 10:55 PM EST

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - The victim of a horrific kidnapping case in Cleveland is holding nothing back and speaking out about her painful memories.

Michelle Knight, who was rescued back in May, tells Dr. Phil that she was tied up with an orange extension cord. "I was tied up like a fish," says Knight. "An ornament on the wall, that's the only way I can describe it."

Knight was rescued after Ariel Castro held her captive for 11 years in his Cleveland home.

The horrific case has a connection to Southwest Florida. Knight's mother, Barbara Knight lives in Collier County.

Barbara Knight moved to Collier County long after her daughter went missing. A family friends says that a social worker and police told her Michelle ran away and after awhile she started to believe it. The family friend says the pair haven't spoken to each other since Michelle was rescued six months ago.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Michelle Knight describes the horror she went through as one of three women held captive inside a Cleveland home.

"He took a pipe and held it over my head and said if you scream, I'll ram this down your throat and I'll kill you," says Knight. "I didn't scream, I didn't make a noise, I just laid there."

"One of his fetishes, his sexual pleasures was choking." Knight said she was raped, hit, choked and forced to go to the bathroom in a bucket.

"When he did abuse me, it lasted for maybe 3-4 hours and he'll stop, take a break and come back," says Knight. "He proceed to have sex with me. He'll ask me if I like it, he'll ask me to say a certain phrase and if I didn't he would keep on punching me and punching me until I say it."

Dr. Phil asked if she was ever able to sleep. Michelle says, "No, I just mainly passed out from the chain being around my neck."

When the three girls emerged from the house six months ago, Michelle was called the forgotten victim. The other two reunited with their parents, but not Michelle.

"In my case, I wish my mother wasn't my mother," says Knight. Dr. Phil asks, "Is that why you did not want to see your mother when you were released?" Michelle nods.
Dr. Phil says, "you had no desire to see that woman?"  "no," says Michelle. "I wasn't allowed out, I wasn't allowed to have friends, she made sure I was dumber than a door knob."

Michelle's mother, Barbara Knight, didn't go on camera, but told Dr. Phil that she absolutely disagrees with the way Michelle remembers those early years. In a statement she says:

"Michelle, my daughter, has been the victim of long term and profound and unspeakable torture. Her point of view has been altered by that monster and what he did to him. What I have heard that she said about me breaks my heart that is because what she now believes, while not true, increases her pain. I love my daughter, I always have an always will. I pray that someday she will have healed enough to know that again."

Part II of the Dr. Phil interview airs at 5 p.m. EST on TV-6