Published: Oct 30, 2013 12:03 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 30, 2013 10:06 AM EDT

UPDATE: Binish Evans is being held on $505,000 bond on charges of child neglect resulting in great bodily harm (felony) and contributing to the deliquency of a minor.

Evans declined a public defender, but the judge appoitned a temporary one for her first appearance. The judge ordered Evans to surrender her passport, be screened for mental health issues, have no contact with minors and must stay in Lee County if she posts bond.

Detective Emily Destefanis testified in court Wednesday morning saying Evans is fully responsible from the investigation point of view.

Evans' parents live in Texas, though they reportedly have significant financial needs.

Evans is expected back in court at 8:30 a.m. on December 2.



FORT MYERS, FL.--A mother has just been identified in a horrific case of child neglect in Lee County.

Police tell us 24-year-old Binish Evans left her two-year-old daughter in a filthy motel room for an entire day.
When workers found the girl she was starving, and severely skinny.

This all happened at the Candlewood Suites on Colonial Court in Fort Myers.

"Imagine walking in to a hotel room smelling nothing but urine and feces," said Sgt. Brian O'Reilly with FMPD.

Police say workers at the Candlewood Suites in Fort Myers opened up a room after Binish Evans didn't pay her bill Tuesday morning.
And when they walked in they saw a horrific sight--that two year old girl alone with no one to take care of her.

"She's completely emaciated and malnourished," said O'Reilly.

Police say the toddler was lying in a makeshift crib and was dehydrated.
They also say the girl only weighed 16 pounds.

WINK News spoke to one of the hotel employees who saw the child and says the sight was scaring.
"It was of course horrific and its not something you expect to see every day so it kind of puts you back a  little bit," said the employee.

"To leave a child in a room while you go to work, that ain't right," said Jeff Carmichael.

Carmichael has lived in this hotel for a little more than a year and employees tell him the woman has lived in the hotel since September.
He says employees have noticed behavior like this from the woman before.

"Evidently this has been going on for a while," he said.

The two year old girl is in fair condition at Galisano Children's Hospital.

---Original Report-----

On October 29, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. the Fort Myers Police Department responded to the Candlewood Suites located at 3626 Colonial Court #425 in reference to a toddler that was discovered alone in a motel room.

Upon arrival police learned that motel employees entered the room because the woman who rented it had not paid her bill. Once in the room they noticed a strong odor of feces and urine. They found the 2-year old female toddler in a makeshift crib and unattended. The toddler appeared to be dehydrated, emaciated and in need of medical attention. The toddler was transported to Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. It has since been learned the toddler weighs only 16 pounds.

 Detectives have located the adult responsible for the toddler’s care and she is currently in police custody.  The investigation remains active at this time.