Published: Oct 25, 2013 9:32 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 25, 2013 11:08 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - A new push from the Food and Drug Administration would make sure your animals food is safe.

Doctors in Southwest Florida say stricter rules have been needed for a while.

A few months ago, Mortimer, a 10 year old dog, got sick from eating jerky treats from China. "He ate them and he threw up and I threw the bag away immediately," says Dorthea Hansen.

After learning that pets have died from the treats, owners were thrilled to hear the FDA is proposing stricter rules on pet food. The idea is to force companies to be more aware of sanitation and food safety.

"It gets a little scary to think it's not regulated tight enough. We certainly try to watch what we put in our own bodies, we want to take care of our pets the same way," says Gretchen Landolt, a pet owner.

Ashley Ayoob, an internal medicine specialist in Naples says she supports the new plan and warns pet owners food borne illnesses can come from anything, including products labeled 'All Natural.'

"Remember that there is not strict regulations on pet food so what can be labeled as all natural can be subject to interpretation," says Ayoob.

The FDA says those jerky treats from China may be to blame for almost 600 dog deaths since 2007, but they haven't confirmed that yet.

The best advice, vets say, is to only give your pets food made in the US and don't feed them expired food.