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Published: Oct 24, 2013 10:50 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - Dozens turned out to get answers to their many questions about the Affordable Care Act.

With more than 70 different health insurance plans available through Florida Blue, Collier County residents have a lot to choose from.

John Dwyer says, "My wife is uninsured. I needed to know how her insurance is going to work. I need to make sure that she is covered."

Dwyer was one of dozens who turned to an informational meeting at the Collier County Library hosted by 'Get Covered America.'

"People really don't have a good grasp on this law and the advantages they can achieve by signing up for different plans, the different options that they have," says Gordon Bailey, Assistant General Council for Florida Blue.

It was an opportunity for experts to relieve some of the stress caused by unexpected errors and delays.

"Obviously the website isn't working so that's the most frustrating thing for all of us," says Lynne Thorp, project director for Navigator Project.

The panel answered questions and tried to explain how there's a plan for every person. Whether you are having surgery, or planning to have a child, there's an option for you and along the way, navigators to help you make the best decision.

"This was a good informational situation and I did learn websites and so on that I can go to," says Dwyer. "It seems much more simple than what I thought it would be."

To set up an appointment with a local navigator call toll free 1-866-547-2793. You can also visit any of the following websites:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

Plans without creating account in

Florida Blue:

Get Covered America:

Kaiser Family Foundation ( Calculator: