Published: Oct 23, 2013 1:18 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 23, 2013 6:26 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- After years of fighting for a traffic light, the family of a Cape Coral boy killed while crossing a busy road finally received their wish. 

Ryan Santos died in 2010 as he tried to cross Del Prado Boulevard at Northeast 3rd Terrace. His family hopes this new light will prevent future tragedies. 

The journey to have everyone walk safely across Del Prado Boulevard took Kerri Santos, her family and friends, almost four years.

"It was very difficult. It was a fight every day, going from one meeting to the next, and controversy with other people that didn't want it up," said Santos. 

April 2010, Ryan Santos was killed trying to cross six lanes of traffic on his bicycle.In a special ceremony Wednesday, his mother, Kerri, unveiled the plaque bearing her son's name. 

Family and friends, many wearing special shirts, hope the light will make this intersection a safer place. "Anybody that gets killed, I feel the hurt and it's not a good hurt to go through. Nobody should have to go through that," Santos said. 

Earlier this year, a fiery crash at this very intersection killed Alvin Fails. He was on his way to a doctors appointment to find out the gender of his unborn child. 

Santos family friend Robin Pabst was there the day Ryan was killed and says this will bring the family some closure. 

"The kids can go to Burton Park and they don't have to worry about trying to dodge cars on their way across Del Prado," said councilman Kevin McGrail. 

RaceTrac paid for the light, which cost around $300,000.