Published: Oct 21, 2013 10:25 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 22, 2013 2:57 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- A local teacher in trouble, accused of posting explicit messages on social media.

Greg Voigt, an English teacher at Port Charlotte High School, is out of the classroom because of his alleged bad behavior.

The district confirms he's now on leave because of posting inappropriate messages on Twitter.

Social media is a place to express your thoughts, but a father, whose daughter was taught by Voigt, said Voigt took it too far.

"He shouldn't be around students at all teaching," said the father.

His daughter tells only WINK News that many of Mr. Voigt's students followed him on Twitter.

"When they take that position they need to know that they are in a leadership role and the kids look up to them," said the father.

They showed us Tweets they say were from Voigt and many of them were filled with derogatory statements.

One Tweet compared religion with oral sex and in another post, Voigt admitted to getting stoned in his 20s.

The father also said his daughter was severely disturbed after Voigt made a sexual comment about the school's dress code.

"So when the intercom was done, the teacher in question, according to my daughter and other students I have talked to, said that now it is his permission to check their cleavage," he said.

Voigt is on unpaid leave and has resigned.

The school district said he's been in trouble before. One time he had an inappropriate discussion in one of his classes, and in 2005 he was reprimanded for showing an inappropriate movie to students.

"It really irritates me that he had the option or even given the option to resign. To me, that should have been automatic termination," said the father. "Some teachers get to this point and then they push it further and further and then it becomes illegal relationships rather than inappropriate."