Published: Oct 18, 2013 5:25 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 18, 2013 5:39 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- We continue to follow problems many Southwest Floridians are facing as they try to file for unemployment using the new system.
WINK News has received a number of phone calls from viewers who say the system isn't working.

It's been one problem after another for people using "Connect" the new unemployment program.
Many people we spoke to say it's system error not user error.
For the man we sat down with yesterday, today he is relieved knowing he will soon get a check deposited into his account.

"I feel a lot relieved because it took a lot of pressure off my back knowing I can have this money coming to me hopefully next week," said Neil Maltezos.

The weight of the world seems to be off Neil Maltezos shoulders.
This morning he learned his unemployment claim finally went through after days of constant trouble.
That means he should be getting the money he needs to survive.

"I haven't gotten the payment yet, and I don't believe anything until I see it."

The new site continuously failed Neil, when he tried to file his claim and now the money he should have received Wednesday, is delayed.

"At this point, I can lose anything at anytime, so I'm holding onto a thread."

Neil is convinced his problem was not "user" error.

"I was getting very upset, I had a lot of animosity yesterday and the day before, actually all week," Maltezos told WINK.

He said the "old" system was easier for claimants to navigate through.

"I want them to go back to the old days where you can just call up on the phone and claim your weeks , the whole point of getting online is very tough."

While trying to file again this morning, Neil says he still got an error message and later received an email saying his claim was filed successfully.
The state tells us, anyone who is experiencing problems will still get their benefits, but obviously those will be delayed.