Published: Oct 12, 2013 2:04 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. --- Heels and Reels, two words you wouldn't expect to hear in the same sentence, brought together dozens of young girls and anglers Saturday.

The tournament took 30 girls from PACE center and new horizons out on the bay in Naples with some female fishing experts. 
The goal was to teach the at risk teens empowerment.

"Most of them are a situation where they have never been to the beach, have never been on a boat before. just an opportunity for them to get outside, be introduced to fishing, and next time they are dealing with something stressful in their life, they will turn to outdoor activities," said organizer Debbie Hanson.

Hanson says the girls are picked based on good behavior, interest in fishing ... and of course, the swim test.
and says the volunteers, well they are priceless.

Being able to do this for girls who don't normally get the opportunity to get out on the water, something I couldn't pass up," said angler Christa Pusateri.

"Wanted to try new things... Not just stay home. Not just waste my time, get out, experiment things," said Evelyn Pachecl, who has never fished before.

The Freedom Waters Foundation hosted the event. 

All boats were volunteered, and driven, by area boat captains.