Published: Oct 11, 2013 6:11 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 11, 2013 6:18 PM EDT

CAPTIVA, Fla.- Crews are working on Captiva pumping a lot of sand onto an area of the beach that needs more. Over the years, the shoreline has been shrinking and all of the "new" sand will build up the beaches width and height.

The last time this area was dredged was eight years ago and experts say Tropical Storm Debby took a toll on the shoreline.

"It seems like it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks all the time."

Sand is now filling into an area on Captiva Island that has been eroding over time.    "I think it's necessary honestly, these beaches get eaten away through storms and erosion over the years," said YOLO Watersports employee, Troy Gembecki.

"It's a dredging, it's a necessary thing, it has to happen."

In fact, eight years ago was the last time sand was pumped onto the shoreline. We're told Tropical Storm Debby hit this area hard.

Troy Gembecki works for YOLO water sports. He has watched the sand along the coastline diminish.

"Even just a tropical storm or a big thunderstorm can eat away a solid 10 feet of the beach, so over the years, it gets eaten away where we don't have much beach at all."

But the sights and sounds of heavy machinery on the beach was a shock for one beach-goer.

"I saw it in the distance and thought 'oh my gosh,' but as my husband reminded me this is a good thing for the community," said beach-goer Tracy Pijanwski-LaForgia

By the time this $19 million project is complete, 725-thousand cubic yards of sand will be placed over 4.8 miles of beach.

"It seems like the closer you sit, the more closer you are to the water, but you expect that beach atmosphere for when you come, you don't expect to be right in the water."

The Army Corp of Engineers was suppose to fund about $8 million of this project, but they backed out a few months ago.

This project is expected to be complete by the end of the year.