Published: Oct 10, 2013 7:34 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 10, 2013 10:24 PM EDT

LABELLE, Fla. ---  "It was traumatizing. Horrible. Never heard a scream like that."

Dakota Snyder pounded on the door of a party bus she and her friends had taken on September 29th. She says she heard sounds of a struggle inside.

"I could hear her screaming. And I put my face up against the window. And I could see a flash go by. The doors opened and .."

Her 16 year old friend ran out half naked. She says she was being raped, by 31 year old driver Timothy Alexander and his nephew, 18 year old Joshua Bryan.

"I dont even know how to describe the feeling and the memories, the nightmares, pain. Unreal," said the victim.

Family friends ... who took advantage of her. 

But says a fun night on a party bus to help Alexander promote his company, Alexnader's Limousines ... turned into a night she'll never forget.

"I have night terrors every night. I cant sleep, my anxiety, of course I've been crying."

In the police report, the victim told deputies she had had a drink that night but it tasted funny.

She also mentioned Alexander, the driver of the bus behind me, bought meth and cocaine.

She told us and the police she willingly went on the bus with Joshua Bryan, knowing they'd have sex, but did not know Alexander was on the bus.

Deputies say when everyone got off the bus, Josh and the victim stayed behind and started having sex.

Shortly after, Josh allegedly held her down from the front, as Alexander showed up from behind.

"He ended up pushing me back down and raping me," she said.

Both are being charged with sexual battery because she says she told them no and the wouldn't stop.

She says they took her innocence .. something she can't get back.

"You can't have your rights as a woman taken and there not be something done about it you know."

So now she is speaking out ... so others like her will stand up to their attackers too. 

The Hendry County Sheriff calls the crime sickening.

This isn't Timothy Alexander's first run in with the law. The former South Trail firefighter, was previously charged with aggravated assault in two unrelated cases. 

He and Bryan are at the Hendry County jail. 

Neighbors who spoke to WINK News say Alexander changed when he bought that party bus. Neighbors say he started partying much more and was rarely home.

"You never know who is next door to you and that is what it sad," said one neighbor.