Published: Oct 09, 2013 10:20 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL.--We are learning more about what happened last night when a little girl was reportedly abducted by her own mother.

Police say Christine Riemer took off with seven-year-old Crystal during a court ordered, supervised visit.
She was later arrested on I-75 near the Florida-Georgia state line.

The Children's Network believes no one on their end did anything wrong.

"Our people yelled, what are you doing?," said Children Network's Aimee McLaughlin.

The organization tells WINK News, Riemer came out of the bathroom with her daughter and a supervisor, then darted out the back door.
They say Riemer then hopped in a Budget rental truck and almost drove all the way to Georgia.

"This is an anomaly this has never happened before," said McLaughlin.

The Children's Network is reviewing ways to prevent this from happening again--like possibly adding a security guard inside the building.

"The door is actually locked from the outside so people cant just come in to the building," said McLaughlin.

"You really have to pay attention," said Jacqueline Stephens.

Stephens is the CEO of the Children's Advocacy Center in Collier County.
She says because supervised visits can sometimes get tense, they take extreme measures to protect everyone.

"Layers of locked entry ways and secured entry ways so that people cant just come and go," said Stephens.

But, Stephens admits, not all places operate like they do and sometimes people other than trained supervisors are put in charge of watching over family meetings.

"It is very easy to get distracted, do other case-work or work on your computer," said Stephens.