Published: Oct 05, 2013 5:44 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 06, 2013 4:11 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.,- Stepping up in a time of need to help feed Southwest Florida families. That was the mission of a two-day food drive to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank.

We first brought you the story Wednesday night, showing you the impact the food bank could face it the government shut down continues, so WINK News wanted to help make sure there was food in case the food supply stops.

The call for help came in, and a community came out in drones all to help support neighbors who struggle to put food on the table..

"We watched the cars coming up, dropping off the food, all to help neighbors, it's something that really makes you feel like part of a community," said President and CEO of Harry Chapin, Al Brislain.

WINK News Feeds Families, along with 92.5 Fox News Radio partnered up to help bring in your donations. We watched as box after box was filled to the brim.

"This community is so generous and when somebody like WINK gives them the opportunity to be generous, all they need is that opportunity and they will come out," said Brislain.

Marykay Hartung is part of the fight to help end hunger.

"I feel good, but frankly I haven't done enough, I just think I could have given a lot of cash more food, but it motivates me to more next time."

 One couple made it a priority to go shopping just for the cause.

 "I wanted to do something for a long time, so I'm just going to do it, go to Sam's today to buy some stuff," said Louise Basick.

 The food drive is shedding some light to a dark, unknown time for Harry Chapin.

"What bothers us is how the clients, how uncertain it is for the clients and a lot of the non-profit organizations we serve."

The food bank relies on getting 10 % of it's food from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and if the shut down continues, that food could come to an abrupt halt.

"These are the people, the ones that use the food bank, are the ones that can afford least to suffer from a government that's inactive, it's really annoying frankly to think about the government shut down," said Hartung.

WINK News Feeds Families and 92.5 Fox News Radio raised an estimated 3,200 pounds of food for the Harry Chapin Food Bank and $1595.00 in cash donations.

Tonight, we want to thank our viewers for supporting our cause.