Published: Oct 04, 2013 11:21 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 05, 2013 8:04 AM EDT

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. -- New clues are emerging about a cold case mystery in Charlotte county. Family members are talking to WINK News, shedding new light on what may have happened to a man who vanished nearly three decades ago.

Now into the night, investigators are working on a big breakthrough in the case - a crushed, rotting Corvette belonging to Terrance Beghin uncovered in a canal.

Since then, crews have shoveled and sifted through the muck looking for his bones at navigator road and rampart boulevard in Punta Gorda just North of the Peace River.

Crews will resume searching for evidence first thing tomorrow. The sheriff's office is guarding the scene all night, making sure no one tampers with any of the evidence.

As darkness covers this now-crime scene, forensics crews looking for Terrance Beghin's body are ready for another exhaustive day of work just hours from now.

His crushed-up Corvette, and tents now sit in the dark. Crews worked for hours today, sifting though hundreds of pounds of silt, looking for any sign of the missing man who vanished 27 years ago.

"These people are crawling in the much looking for different pieces of evidence," said one neighbor.

His sister Deborah Dunbar, spoke with WINK News over the phone, saying she will forever remember her older brother as fun loving. A man who liked to have a good time, and who liked cracking jokes.

She says the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office called her with the news after his Corvette was pulled from the canal. Hearing about this, she says, was hurtful: an old wound that becomes raw. She believes her brother went into diabetic shock and plowed into the canal decades ago.

According to reports, Beghin's Corvette was discoved just two and a half miles from his home.

With all the canals in the area and the car being found to close to his home, Dunbar says it's "shocking" but says this does bring some closure to the case.