Published: Oct 02, 2013 6:37 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Police are out looking for people who are breaking Florida's new texting while driving law, which went into effect yesterday.
The Lee County Sheriff's Office said they don't have any statistics yet on how many drivers have been issued citations, especially since texting while driving is just a secondary offense in Florida. That means you have to be pulled over for something else, like speeding or not wearing a seat belt, to also be cited for texting while driving.
Florida's one of 41 states with a texting while driving ban, but just one of four that classifies it as a secondary offense.  

Now, if you're cited for texting while driving it'll cost you $30 for the first offense and $60 for the second one, but what about police and other emergency personel? Are they allowed to text and drive even though the public isn't? 

Bill Joseph from the LCSO said, "There is an exemption in the law that covers emergency personel, EMS, firefighters and police officers who would be exempt in the course of their duties. We consider it an ongoing process, safety-first of course, but if they do have to refer to those devices it would be in the course of their duties."
Now, you can still make phone calls while driving and you can even text if you're stopped at a light or in a traffic jam.