Published: Sep 27, 2013 4:32 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 30, 2013 11:31 AM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- A look inside the reality of firefighting. Tonight, WINK teamed up with Southwest Florida firefighters and watched as they trained inside of a burning building.

Dispatch: "Stand-by, emergency traffic, fire off of Coconut Road, two-story, residential structure fire."

It's the call for help these firefighters train for. A structure fire, victims stuck inside, and seconds turn to minutes.

"All the training is like practice and then it's game time, you don't have time to think," said Firefighter/EMT Calvin Payne.

This is a simulated fire for training purposes, but it's as close to the real deal as you can get.

"It's real fire, real smoke, real conditions."

This video captures the unknown of what firefighters face every time they step foot into a burning building.

"Get down, get down, I'm good!"

The black video you are seeing, is actually the darkness firefighters have to brave when looking for victims and getting to the origin of the fire.

"We train in black out conditions to prepare for the worst, and the worst case scenario is you are going to make entry and not see anything; you basically have to do everything with your eyes closed," said Payne.

But, inside the burning building, temperatures can reach over 400 degrees on the floor and at the ceiling nearly 1,000 degrees. Water hoses inside keep it from spreading throughout the building.

"in a real life scenario, you are going to be uncomfortable, this is try to make you more comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation," said Payne.

But for these firefighters, they have a mission in mind, to put complete strangers lives before themselves and of course put out the fire.

And Bonita Springs firefighters tell us, safety is the number one priority at these trainings. Each firefighter has their vitals taken before and after the exercise, and they put their arms in a bag of water to bring down their body temps.