Published: Sep 27, 2013 5:48 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 27, 2013 8:10 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - New information in the case of controversial flyers found in Cape Coral mailboxes in August. They accused an un-named neighbor of sexually assaulting a child. 

WINK News did some digging and found out that neighbor is Jeffrey Leclair. He was arrested this week after police say he fled to Massachusetts.

State police arrested Jeffrey Leclair on a capital sexual battery warrant. His case has been an ongoing investigation since WINK News first told you about those flyers a month ago.

Kelli Miller is a mother, and was deeply disturbed when an unknown person put a flyer in her mailbox in August. 
"They drove around at midnight and put one in everybody's mailbox, and I called the Cape Coral Police. They really didn't say much about it. It was an investigation," she said. 

That investigation launched a capital sexual battery warrant that landed Jeffrey Leclair behind bars in Massachusetts. 
The flyers said "Dear neighbor: your neighbor at an address sexually assaulted a child this weekend. Please keep your children safe and God bless."

WINK News found out Leclair lived at the address on the flyer. According to police he denied allegations when interviewed by a detective, and then fled to Massachusetts. 

The news of his arrest relieves Miller. "There's too many kids in the neighborhood for someone like that and I'm happy he got caught," she said. 

But some people still support Leclair, including step son Andrew Terry. "He's a good person you know? He's a little out there, because hes from Boston. He likes to talk a lot, but hes a good person," Terry said. 

Terry said some neighbors also continue to believe Leclair is innocent. "But if it's true, I hope he gets what he deserves," he said. He also said Leclair was not fleeing the police when he went to Massachusetts, but was instead simply visiting the area. 

He now faces extradition back to Florida.