Published: Sep 25, 2013 11:47 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL.--Neighbors tell WINK News they're fed up because lawmakers aren't getting the job done when it comes to the Lake Okeechobee fresh water releases.

The Conservancy of southwest Florida announced we are now seeing major oyster kills and can expect really bad red tide algae bloom because of all the fresh water nutrients in our water system.

"It's not clear, it's not blue, it's not green, it's brown," said Bill Armstrong.

The brown, coffee-like water straight from Lake "O" has a lot of people fired up about what they say it's doing to our local economy.
Even home owners on Sanibel, like George Wilgus, are frightened that it's ruining their investment.

"Property values will be decimated by what's occuring," said Wilgus.

After the Army Corps of Engineers announced last week that the flows from Lake "O" have increased to southwest Florida, local community leaders met tonight, demanding action.

"We have been able to survey hotel guests and know that they are leaving as a result of the poor water quality," said Southwest Florida Conservancy's Jennifer Hecker.

Visitors talked to also say they don't plan on coming back because of the brown water.
A few weeks ago Governor Scott visited southwest Florida and announced a $180 million plan to restore the everglades.

"The Governor was embellishing that project as a way in which to alleviate the massive release from lake," said Ray Judah with the Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition

But Judah says he did the math and says  that project will only solve 10% of the problem and right now, he's calling on Governor Scott to take immediate action.

"Declare a state of emergency. We have been ravaged here in this area as well as the east coast, protecting our environment and our economy," said Judah.