Published: Sep 24, 2013 6:25 PM EDT

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla.,- A community already struggling with very high water is now seeing more flooding.  In some areas, the water in North Fort Myers is so high it's knee deep.

"It needs to say 'no wake zone' because every time someone drives by it makes a wake like a boat would," said resident Kathy Scott.  

Pine Drop Lane residents watch waves of water rush onto the front of their property every time a car drives down the street.

"I'm afraid it will move towards my house and then into my house," said Kristine Colbin.

Some living along the flooded road say they feel like prisoners, trapped inside their homes.

"I was concerned with how my kids would get to school, how we were going to get to work," said Colbin.  

"Hopefully it goes away so I can go to work tomorrow, because I really don't know how far I can drive out," said Johnny White.

Johnny White waded through water that was nearly up to his thighs just to get to and from his house.

"I'm going to have to build a bridge to get across this."

Residents wonder what might be beneath the standing storm water.   "We've seen snakes and other fish and stuff in there."

One dad we just caught up with is using rafts as sort of a rescue device. He said they will use the water rafts, so they don't have to walk through the water.