Published: Sep 23, 2013 7:16 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- With all this rain, there's a pro-active plan to prevent future flooding in Cape Coral. It involves building a large stormwater pond on the side of an evacuation route.

Right now, part of Ceitus Parkway, in front of that new pond, is shut down between Southwest 26th and 28th Avenues, and will remain that way for the next couple of weeks.

But the rain is putting a damper on the project. Rain, and lots of it, is drenching the construction site and grinding work to a halt.

Michelle Walsh lives nearby and says crews started building this pond about a month ago. "Just a lot of dump trucks you know traffic from big trucks, and the bulldozers taking down the trees,' she said.

The new pond sits in between Ceitus Parkway and Pine Island Road, and is a part of the Pine Island Road Widening project, turning the section between Burnt Store Road and Chiquita into a 4 lane evacuation route.

A drainage system will guide water off the new 4 lane road into the new pond. The goal is to prevent flooding on a road that people will one day depend on when a hurricane hits.

"The stormwater will be good to hold, because we do hold a lot of water on the roads," said Walsh.

The water in the pond will be treated and funneled through pipes into a canal. But first the pipes need to be placed under Ceitus Parkway. 

Signs are up warning drivers to find another way around. 

"For now, it's a mess, because we have to go around around Embers or Pine Island to pick up the kids in school," said Mitchel Abru, who lives down the road from the project.

Ceitus Parkway is expected to be closed for two weeks.
Rain could further delay the closure.