Published: Sep 20, 2013 7:03 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL. Fla. -- Despite the drop in unemployment, one group is still struggling to find work: our American veterans.
It's difficult for some of the men and women who return from war to get back on their feet financially and keep a job. But one southwest Florida group is working to change that.    

According to the Invest in America's Veterans Foundation, many of the vets, unemployed are college age. They've taken advantage of the GI Bill but find themselves at the end of the month a little short on money. 

Joshua Malo is a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Coping with PTSD and with the changing times, he says finding work is a challenge.  "I have noticed not just for myself, but other veterans, that it's hard for them to put military experience into perspective to employers on the outside," he said. 

But with a wife and two children to support, he's working hard to find a job.and he isn't alone.

Ralph Santillo with the Invest in America's Foundation says the numbers are skyrocketing. With more and more veterans leaving Iraq and Afghanistan he doesn't expect the numbers to go down, anytime soon.

"The last numbers we have and we don't know how accurate these are, are 9.9 percent unemployment for veterans, we think its higher than that, we think its closer to 14 or 15 percent," Santillo said. 

Veterans that are just coming out they find it very difficult to readjust back into civilian life and just in the matter of 30 days go find a job. it's hard for them to get back on track.

That's why volunteers with the veteran's foundation work with men and women to help them find a job or even a career. 

They held their first job fair in May. 92 veterans attended. A dozen found a job that very day and a dozen more the month after. 

They will host another job fair at the southwest Florida Military Museum in Cape Coral, taking place Wednesday from 12:00-2:00pm. 25-30 businesses are expected to be at the job fair. Veterans are encouraged to bring a resume.