Published: Sep 19, 2013 8:26 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 19, 2013 8:30 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. -- New information just released by AAA says our recent rainstorms are resulting in a higher call volume for stranded drivers.

In fact the company says it's worse now than during tropical Storm Andrea! Local tow truck drivers are seeing a flood of calls for help in Naples.

Randy Baxley has been a tow truck driver for almost 40 years. He can't believe the amount of vehicles waterlogged by the wet weather.

"This area here? A lot of breakdowns, lot of people stuck in the roads, just the water. Just in this area at least a hundred if not more," said Baxley.

"At Airport and Vanderbilt, on the corner there, it floods really bad. 15 cars lined up right. In a row all of them with the flashers on, all broke down."

David Hernandez is the body shop manager for Coastland Automotive.
He says this week alone, they've worked to repair four waterlogged vehicles
like this one.

Two of them were totaled. Mother nature, he says, can pack a serious punch, and people need to pay attention.

"It can bend rods, it can crack heads, it basically, it doesn't mix with the gasoline. It can't combust and it causes everything to shut down. It causes internal damage," he explained. 

He says vehicles that are closer to the ground are most susceptible. And when you're passing someone in a large body of water, it's the waves that can choke out your car.

"When you guys are both going through at the same time, it's just like a wave on the beach. If it's a bigger vehcile, it's going to cause a wave and it's going to go up over the hood. That's what happeend with this vehicle," he said.

AAA says it's best to avoid driving through standing water on the road, because you never know how deep it is.