Published: Sep 17, 2013 5:37 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 17, 2013 6:04 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A business planning to develop on the other side of the so-called "dead end" Hancock Bridge Parkway is expected to breathe new life into the city of Cape Coral.

That new business is going to be a Sam's Club, and the first for Cape Coral.
Sam's Club has considered Cape Coral, and this very location for years, according to the city's economic development director Dana Brunett.

When the economy slumped years ago, the membership-only retail warehouse giant pulled back. But he says things are moving once again.

"More people are coming back, buying homes, so now we're getting on track and with that comes the commerce. Sam's Club understands this is a good market," Brunett said.

He says Sam's Club is hoping to finish its approval process with the city by the end of 2013.

Construction could begin early 2014.  Some residents are pleased. "To attract much more businesses, so that the taxpayers of the city do not have to take the brunt of all the expenses that come with paying taxes," said resident Carlos Espendez.

Sam's Club will create an estimated 200 jobs.

It's not the only big development coming to the city.  A Wawa is scheduled to be built near the intersection of Pine Island Road and Del Prado Boulevard.

A super Walmart is slated for the northwest.

Nick Barraco owns Jet's Pizza, across from the Sam's Club site. He feels the new development will benefit his small business. 

"We're growing as a community so I like that end of it. I do like the fact that there will be more visible traffic. I will get more recognition from branding, people seeing my name," said Barraco.

There are smaller parcels of land surrounding the Sam's Club site. City officials believe it will encourage other businesses to develop around it.