Published: Sep 13, 2013 10:18 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL.--Milk and cookies--it's a popular snack and many people or our kids enough the treat before bed.

But now there is a new warning from doctors in southwest Florida because this guilty pleasure could secretly put your family at risk of something called "milk and cookies disease".

Jonathan Giambrone is your typical, lively 5-year old boy.

"He's energetic, he's got a great personality," said his mother Becky.

But Becky noticed he was becoming moody and started snoring extremely loud at night.

After seeing doctors and having a variety of tests, they found out Jonathan didn't have a cold or allergies.

Instead, Dr. Julie Wei at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando diagnosed him with something very bizarre.

"Maybe your kid has the milk and cookie disease," said Dr. Wei.

"Milk stimulates the secretion of flem from the lungs or the nose or the sinuses," said Fort Myers and Port Charlotte allergist Dr. Charles Klucka.

Klucka  says the milk and sugar can also aggravate acid reflux and affect childrens' sleep.

"Sore throats, post nasal drip even, and stuffy nose," said Dr. Klucka.

The milk can build up and forming lots of mucus and that can cause the snoring.

So doctors reccommended some lighter foods close to bed time for Jonathan, like fruits, crackers, and water.

Sure enough, the next day, Jonathan seemed back to his normal self.

"He's had a better night sleep, you do not hear him snore anymore, it's just not there--it's gone," said Becky.

Doctors say dairy products are fine during the day, but you and your kids should avoid them at night.

They also recommend keeping a food diary and showing it to your physician if your child gets restless, coughs at night, or has a sore throat in the morning.