Published: Sep 12, 2013 11:33 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 12, 2013 6:46 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Prosecutors are showing a jury pictures of the crime scene where Tia Poklemba's body was found. Luis Gonzalez is accused of running over and killing the 25-year-old in 2008, then going on the run for four years.

Yesterday, Gonzalez's ex-girlfriend took the stand, saying he admitted to hitting Poklemba.

David Bodden is bringing you updates from the courtroom:

2:26 PM: Randall Eubanks, with LCSO Crime scene investigations pointed out screws missing in the undercarriage of Gonzalez' car. Similar screws were found in the street near Poklemba's body.

2:13 PM : The LCSO crime scene investigator took the stand again, after giving testimony earlier this morning. He is testified about collecting evidence from the bottom of the Cadillac allegedly driven by Gonzalez on the night Poklemba was killed.

1:53 PM: Evans testified that Poklemba carried a bank card on her (the one that was found). Evans also said that Poklemba worked at Stir Crazy in Coconut Point.

1:42 PM: After recess, prosecution called Amanda Evans (Griffin) as their first witness after the break. She was a longtime friend and former roommate.

11:48 AM: Dr Robert Pfalzgraf, under cross examination, pointed out on a diagram where Poklemba's injuries were found during his examination of her body.

11:38 AM: Defense cross-examined Dr. Pfalzgraf, who just said Poklemba's death was a homicide. The defense asked, "How do you define homicide?"

10:58 AM: Medical Examiner said Poklemba's head was "dislocated from her spine" and her left ear was nearly completly severed. Dr. Pfalzgraf said any person with injuries like the ones Poklemba sustained usually die within minutes.

10:45 AM: Dr. Pfalzgraf described how his agency (M.E.'s office) received Poklemba's body.

10:24 AM: Dr. Robert Pfalzgraf, deputy chief medical examiner, took the stand.

10:07 AM: Jury was shown the shoes Poklemba was wearing on the night she died. The items were collected as evidence by LCSO crime investigators.

10:03 AM: LCSO crime scene analyst Randall Eubanks showed the jury where Poklemba's body and shoes were found near a driveway in San Carlos Park.

9:23 AM: LCSO Crime Scene Tech Randal Eubanks took the stand. He described the scene and the condition of Poklemba's body shortly after it was discovered in San Carlos Park. He said there were bloody tire marks leading away from the scene.