Published: Sep 09, 2013 3:32 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A contractor working on a road project in NE Cape Coral this morning was shocked after the construction equipment he was operating came in contact with high-voltage power lines.

At 9:15 a.m., Cape Coral firefighters responded to the 1700 block of Corbett Drive, and found an excavator had come in close proximity to overhead power lines.

According to Chief Lauer of the Cape Coral Fire Department, a significant electrical arc flash impacted the metal arm of the excavator, giving the male worker a jolt but no serious injuries. An arc flash is a short circuit through air that flashes over from an energized conductor to another conductor, producing intense heat and light.

The patient was conscious during the incident, and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation by Lee County EMS.

Corbett Drive was blocked off while representatives from the construction company and LCEC investigated the scene. There was no sustained fire and no other injuries reported.

The Cape Coral Fire Department reminds everyone of the following safety precautions:

-Look up! Always examine your surroundings for power line locations before doing any outside work.

-Be cautious on the roof. Working on a roof may put you close to an overhead power line. Avoid standing up and accidentally touching a line with your head or shoulder.

-Be careful with ladders and other metal objects.When using an aluminum ladder, check above you for power lines. Aluminum is an exceptionally good conductor of electricity. If you touch a power line with an aluminum ladder, you could be seriously injured or killed. The same goes for antennas, metal gutters and other long metal objects. Take extra care to ensure that they don’t inadvertently touch a power line.

-Don’t prune near power lines. Pruning trees around power lines should only be attempted by trained professionals. Serious injuries and even fatalities have occurred when untrained individuals do this work without the assistance of qualified professionals. Please call us for an evaluation of the trees and vegetation around power lines prior to any removals.

-See something tangled in a power line? Stay clear. Never attempt to move an object (tree limb, kite, model airplane, etc.) from a power line yourself. Never climb the pole.