Published: Sep 05, 2013 9:02 PM EDT

For years, the fishing technique called "snagging" has caused a lot of controversy. 

It's been used at the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series in Boca Grande Pass but that will now be against the rules. 

The bottom weighted hook also known as the "Boca Grande jig" will now be forbidden. 

"We're very excited by their decision. We feel like it was 9 years in the making and our organization came about basically to try to preserve the fishery and try to preserve the history and culture around the fishery and Boca Grande and this was a positive step in the right direction," said Tom McLaughlin from "Save the Tarpon."

Fishermen call Boca Grande the "tarpon capital of the world."

"There's more tarpon here and it's awesome," said Gary Ingman.

Thursday, Florida Fish and Wildlife officials voted unanimously for more regulations that will make it harder to intentionally catch the fish by any device intended to hook the tarpon's body and not its mouth. 

"There's a group of people out there that are going to be disappointed and there's gonna be a group that is happy because there was such intense thoughts on this device," said Ingman.

The controversial jig snags the fish instead of luring it. Environmental groups like "Save the Tarpon" say it gives the angler an unfair advantage. 

"It allows the angler to catch a fish that didn't actually try to eat the lure. that gives the angler the ability to be more aggressive then they could otherwise," said McLaughlin.

"That jig puts the bait right on the bottom which tarpons love to feed off the bottom," said Ingman.  

FWC says banning this type of fishing gear will protect tarpon and the industry for years to come. 

These changes will apply to fishing for all species year-round within Boca Grande Pass and go into effect November 1.