Published: Sep 04, 2013 6:27 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 05, 2013 1:53 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - Vicki Tracy hopes to raise $200,000 for a group in need. She represents the LV Biker Group, which this year picked the YMCA in Naples.

"We liked the 'Y,' we love their mission and vision and almost everyone in our little volunteer group either attented the 'Y' as youth, or had kids that go threre, or learned to swim there or learned to play basketball there so it became sort of like the stories of the fabric of our town, so we said lets do the 'Y,'"said Vicki Tracy. "And this was planned about 6 months ago."

And now she said this year's fundraiser is more important than ever, after a lightning strike caused the facility to go up in flames on Labor Day.

"We then knew that we had made the right choice in picking the 'Y' this year, it's gonna be the best one we ever had. Our town needs to embrace this 'Y.' It's our town, it's about this town, and the town needs to step up and help them."

The event takes place on September 14th at Jack's River Bar in Naples. For more information call 239-213-1441.

Since Monday's fire, members have changed their routines.

"It's a give back thing, you know I worked for years in a for-profit situation in retirement I'm totally enjoying the volunteering piece of it," said Wayne Nelson.

For years, Wayne Nelson didn't just work out at the YMCA in Naples, he was also a member of the board.

"I chose to come to the 'Y' because I'm a 'Y' kind of guy, and I'm most comfortable here."

Now, the YMCA of Southwest Florida in Bonita Springs, is just one location opening its doors to the Naples members.

"Just to be able to help another YMCA continue their mission is great for everybody," said Ismael Rivera, the membership director of the YMCA in Bonita Springs.

It allowed Sam Davis to take part in his Silver Sneakers aeorbics class. He said he's been a member of the Naples YMCA for the past couple of years.

"Oh I think its made me a lot healthier," said Davis.

In fact, this YMCA in Bonita was shut down after low membership and a high debt. They reopened last May.

"We had to go through the rebuilding process and along with the help of the community, a lot of donors we reopened the facility. We're glad to be able to help other communities now that we're up on our feet."