Published: Sep 03, 2013 6:44 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- It has been one week since a popular Golden Gate restaurant went up in flames that, according to investigators, was intentionally set.  In court documents obtained by WINK News, the owner of Nana's Diner suggests her estranged husband could be to blame.

In a domestic violence petition filed and granted in Collier County court late last week, Teonta Tems claims her estranged husband, James Tems, stalked and harassed her before the fire.

In the petition, she says James called her six times and sent 18 text messages the night the flames broke out.  In one text, she says he wrote, "Ok.  The gloves are coming off with everything.  If you want it this way, you got it."

Tems lived in the apartment above the restaurant, which was also badly damaged in the fire.  In the petition, she lists a number of incidents involving James Tems that date back to January 2012 in which she claims her husband ransacked the restaurant and removed the register and credit card machine.

In other incidents, she claims he cut off the gas line to the restaurant to stop business, slashed her tires on one occasion, and stole from her.

Tems wrote, "the fire at Nana's Diner which is my life has made me to believe he is capable of doing anything.  My fear is what's next my life."  In the petition, life was underlines four times.

James Tems has not returned calls for comment, but a woman he answered the door at his Bonita Spring's home said an attorney advised them not to discuss the matter.  She also said she thinks the domestic violence dispute will be dismissed.

Authorities have not named a suspect in the arson.  A $5,000 reward has been offered for anyone information leading to an arrest and conviction.