Published: Sep 03, 2013 6:37 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fl. - Parents say deputies in Charlotte County went too far when they pointed an m-16 at their children.  The kids were playing on the roof of a middle school.  Moments later, guns were drawn and handcuffs were slapped on the boys.

Cell phone video shows three kids on the ground in handcuffs outside of Port Charlotte Middle School.  One of them is Mirna Espinal's son.  They say the kids were playing at the school like they normally do when ...

"The children being children they decided to go up on the roof to see what it looked like," the mom says.

"That's off limits and out of bounds for everyone," says Mike Riley with Charlotte County Public Schools.

According to reports, Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies got a call for three individuals on the roof.  The report goes on to say that when the deputy arrived, he grabbed his m-16 and later found one of the kids near the bus ramp.  The report says, the deputy pointed his gun and told the kid to lay down. 

"I honestly was afraid for my son's life, I thought that he was going to be killed at any moment," the mom adds.

The reports says once the deputy realized there was no threat, he lowered his m-16.  More deputies arrived and that's when the other two kids tried to jump over the school fence.  Reports say the first deputy pointed his gun at them and told them to get on the ground. 

All three kids were handcuffed and arrested for trespassing.

"Even when law enforcement arrived they have no idea what they're going to encounter, we had no idea what these kids were up to...  there's so much electronic equipment and a lot of expensive equipment that they could've number one hurt themselves," Riley adds.

"We understand that they have certain procedures that they have to take but this was just an innocent mistake that was taken too far," Mirna says.