Published: Sep 01, 2013 4:49 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 01, 2013 5:08 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fl. - Hundreds of runners in Naples hit the pavement bright and early Saturday morning.  It was the annual John Clay 5K.

The race raises funds for the Collier County Sheriff's Office's 'Project Lifesaver,' a program that helps track people who are prone to wander off.

While a race is all about moving your feet, Saturday's annual John Clay 5K focused on the brain, raising money to help people suffering from brain disorders or injuries.  Proceeds from the race go to CCSO and the Naples Pilot Foundation's 'Project Lifesaver.'

"It's a technology for tracing people who wander... if they wear a transmitter bracelet, the success rate is a hundred percent with the tracking time about 30 minutes," says Sue Lester with the foundation.

For avid runner, Terry Guadi, this race hits close to home.  Her father-in-law was recently diagnised with dimentia.

"It's terrible to watch people that you love look at you and maybe don't even remember you anymore... that's why I'm out here and I'm going to run my hardest and I'm going to do my best today, for my father-in-law," Terry says.

Terry was one of about 500 runners out Saturday helping to raise thousands of dollars for these organizations.

"I would like to stay as active as possible and keep my mind as active as possible... I just don't want to look across the table and not be able to recognize my children or my husband, the people that I love so much in this world," she says.