Published: Aug 29, 2013 9:54 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Guilty: that's the verdict in trial of a Cape Coral man who shot and killed a door-to-door meat salesman last July, Thursday, jurors found Kenneth Roop guilty of Second-Degree Murder.

You could see relief on the face of the victim Nicholas Rainey's mother when she heard the verdict. "If your son was murdered and you got a guilty verdict, how would you break out? I got justice and that's all I wanted," Rainey's mother said. "Thanks for justice in Florida!"
The Roop, a former Marine, said he was simply following training when he shot Rainey on July 25, 2012. Thursday, jurors saw police video that was taped about an hour after the shooting. It shows Roop, at times, crying. "To tell you the truth," Roop said in the video, "I was frightened, didn't know what he was going to do.

Roop claimed Rainey was acting "suspicious" and "antagonistic" when the he walked up to the door, ignoring "no trespassing" signs. "It scares the crap out of you when someone says I'm here with the meat and starts coming at you," Roop said. "I will fire for effect. My life's in danger, I will use deadly force."

But, the prosecution painted a different picture of 30 year-old Rainey. They said he was a friendly person, just trying to make a living and that Roop was a murderer.
The jury ultimately agreed.

"He had options," Assistant State Attorney Andreas Gardiner said. "He choose to kill. He choose wrong."

Kenneth Roop's family walked out of the courtroom after the verdict was read. His sentencing is scheduled for October 7th, where he faces life in prison.