Published: Aug 27, 2013 9:12 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 28, 2013 12:10 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A busy day for law enforcement on both sides of the state. After a burglary in North Naples, officials said the three suspects decided to flee southwest Florida.

"It was a shock."

It started inside a home off Cypress Way West. The couple who lives there didn't want to go on camera, but said they are grateful to those who help catch the suspected thieves.

"It's only because of the neighbors actions and their actions that they were apprehended."

Collier deputies arrived to the home after someone reported seeing a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood Tuesday morning. When officials arrived, the suspcts and the car were gone, along with the homeowner's jewelry and other items. A Collier County Deputy spotted the vehicle on I-75 and tried to pull it over near Mile Marker 96. Officials said the car didn't stop. That's when the chase began with the suspects heading east across Alligator Alley and into Broward County. The three men actually jumped out of their moving car in a residential neighborhood near Fort Lauderdale.

"My husband said he heard all the commotion in the fence. He said he heard a lot of running going on," said Mamie Gomillion.

22 year old Jeremy Marquis Thomas, 22 year old Darius Rashaad Hall, and 19 year old James Steel were finally arrested. Meanwhile, two Fort Lauderdale Police Officers who were responding to the pursuit crashd with another vehicle. Those officers went to the hospital.

"He tried to break and when they spun around, they hit each other. One hit the wall, one hit the pole," said Chloe Aikins.

Officials said some of the homeowner's belongings were found inside the car. On Tuesday night, some people said they were aware of what happened, while others found out through a neighbor who was going door to door to warn people. Realtor Kim Minor lives nearby and works with the Collier County Sheriff's Office to get the word out about incidents like today's. She handed out flyers, letting residents know what happened and what they can do to keep their homes safe.

"I do know the neighborhood extremely well it was needed today it was needed today to let people know to look out now," said Minor.

Minor said she plans to continue getting the word out to let everyone know what happened.