Published: Aug 28, 2013 12:02 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 28, 2013 10:51 AM EDT

Florida Power & Light Company wants to make you aware of a payment scam and ask for your help in getting the word out to the public.

You may recall, we first alerted you and customers about this scam in January. It appears that it is now impacting residents throughout the state and at other utilities. The Florida Attorney General’s Office just issued a news release regarding this issue (AG news release).

Customers are reporting suspicious phone calls from people claiming to be utility employees. The calls are actually coming from an internet phone service outside of the U.S. and not from utilities.

These scammers tell customers their accounts are past due and they must pay with a prepaid credit card to avoid being disconnected. These callers do not work for FPL andwe never ask for personal information over the phone unless the customer initiates the contact.(Please note: the AG news release states that our field employees never ask for money. That’s inaccurate. Our field employees will ask for a payment (cash, check or money order) before physically disconnecting power).

We have notified local law enforcement and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

If a customer believes they may have been a victim of this scam, we encourage them to:

1.     Notify their local police department immediately

2.     Contact us at the number listed at the bottom of their FPL bill or online at

3.     Report it to either the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) immediately ( or 1-800-435-7352) or the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (

Customers can find more information on how to protect themselves against scams by visiting: