Published: Aug 27, 2013 10:20 PM EDT

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fl. - A message of forgiveness from a mother who lost her unborn child in a tragic car crash back in February.  Crystal McClure was with her husband and young son when a Florida Highway Patrolman clipped their jeep.

WINK News has confirmed that a Lee County judge found FHP trooper Gustavo Reyes guilty of careless driving.

Since the crash, Crystal McClure and her family have dealt with thousands of dollars in medical bills not to mention, the emotional pain of losing their unborn son.  But despite her loss, McClure only feels forgiveness towards Trooper Reyes.

"It's not going to change anything me hating him, it's not going to make me walk again, or bring my son back so I forgive him," McClure says.

Despite suffering the loss of her unborn child and a difficult road to recovery.

"I cant put weight on the right one yet but I can the left one," she adds.

Chrystal McClure wants Trooper Gustavo Reyes to know she's moving forward.

"It didn't matter the outcome, it wouldn't have changed anything... I would still have the injuries I have, I wouldn't have Christian," she adds.

The family was driving down I-75 back in February when Trooper Reyes clipped their jeep.  McClure was thrown from the car, broke several of her bones and lost her unborn son, Christian.

A Lee County Judge ruled that Reyes was speeding and distracted when the crash happened.  He's been found guilty of careless driving and will have to pay about 12-hundred dollars in fines.

"I thought they could've done more but, what the Judge thought was best..." she says.

While she continues to heal from her injuries, McClure says forgiveness is also helping her move on.

"My mom raised me that way and she raised me not to hate anybody and I cant go on with hate in my heart so I forgive him," she says.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say there is still an ongoing administartive investigation in this case.