Published: Aug 26, 2013 6:16 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 26, 2013 6:19 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. -It's not uncommon to see bicyclists on the roads in Southwest Florida, but two men who stopped by the WINK News studios will definitely turn your head.

Mike Bounaiuto and Nate Frankoski have been friends for years.  Now, they're taking their friendship on the road to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  As their brightly colored outfits read, they're "Biking for Boobies," traveling from Boca Raton, Florida, to Los Angeles, California.  The duo have a goal of raising $37,000 by the time they arrive in mid-November.

"The entire ride is donated by hotels and restaurants," says Bounaiuto. "Even strangers that want to put us up in their beds."

Three days into their journey, the men say they've had no trouble finding willing donors.  The men say they will stay one night in Cape Coral, courtesy of the Westin Resort.

"Everything's been going our way," Bounaiuto says. "We've had the sun on our shoulders; the wind on our backs.  It's been pretty great."

This isn't the first cross-country trip for the men.  Last year, they raised $10,000 for the Wounded Warriors Project on a journey that took them from Key West to Canada.

If you'd like to follow the journey, or donate to the cause, you can learn more at