Published: Aug 26, 2013 4:21 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 26, 2013 7:01 PM EDT

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla.- Lee County is contracting to place asphalt millings on some dirt roads in Suncoast Estates in North Fort Myers.  Some residents wonder whether the new, temporary road surfaces will last, or wash away in heavy rains.

"I think this stuff is going to wash away or get torn up by the all-terrain vehicles that come through on these roads," said Katelynn Acuff, who's grown up in Suncoast.  "I know they are trying to make it better, but I wish they could just go ahead and pave all the roads now. This material is developing small potholes that can really rattle your vheicle."

Lee County transportation says the millings, four inches deep, should hold up and provide a stable base for drivers. Lee is putting the coverings on dirt roads, for which rights of way have been granted to the county. Eventually, in up to nine years, the goal is to pave the roads that previously wash out in summer rains.

"This is good. But I do wish they would just go ahead and pave. I wonder about this material they are putting down. I do not think it will work," said Tom Ray, a 19-year resident of Suncoast.

Randy Cerchie of Lee DOT said, "This is temporary, although it will have to last until next year or maybe even longer than that, to give us time and money to get to paving. We are taking federal dollars in chunks over a nine-year period, so we have to spread out the work. There may be some places where the workers did not cover a spot with enough material, and yes there could be a pothole here and there. But our goal is to give something that is a stable bottom for the drivers."

Lee DOT also confirmed that a few roads, including Cook Drive, will not be paved in the coming years. That's because the right of way to Cook was not granted to the county. Cook remains a dirt road, with large puddles in the roadway.