Published: Aug 23, 2013 5:14 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 17, 2013 1:54 PM EDT

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - A bad motorcycle crash in Punta Gorda could have been deadly if it wasn't for a quick thinking doctor.

Wink News spoke to the doctor who saw the crash, pulled over and used his own clothing to save the man's life.

Colleagues at Vida Health and Wellness Center say Doctor Jorge Cabrera is a hero.      

"He saved a life. If he had not been there at that moment and done what he did," said Diana Bigord.

Thursday, Dr. Cabrera left his office around noon to visit a patient when he came across the scene of an accident on Olympia Avenue.

"I noticed this gentleman laying on the side if the road. It was kinda traumatic, he was just bleeding out there," he said.

Jimmy Joslyn of Port Charlotte had collided with 63-year old Nanette Leonard's Jeep. The 71-year old rider suffered a severe leg injury.

"If you don't apply any pressure to the area they will typically go into shock right away. He lost a substantial amount if blood I could tell right away," he said.

Cabrera, a military doctor for nearly a decade, is trained to handle traumatic situations but didn't have a proper tourniquet. So he used the next best thing.      

"My tie. I didn't have anything. I wasn't going to wear a tie that day but I decided to go ahead. As I was walking up on the scene I just knew I had to use something," he said.

Cabrera says he stayed with Joslyn until paramedics arrived.

"It's amazing. We are very blessed to work with him and for him. It's something words cannot express," said nurse Tina Prescott.

"I wish him the best and I hope his family is doing fine. I'm conserved for both of them and if in the future we could reconnect, that would be great," said Dr. Cabrera.

The driver of the jeep was not hurt. Joslyn is in the ICU at Tampa General Hospital in stable condition.